RABA Refunds and Rainout Policies

RABA Refunds Policy

Refunds will only be considered for each request made to RABA Board members. Any refund issued will be your registration fee minus the cost of the uniform and prorated on the season up to a 50% MAXIMUM refund.

Refunds will not be given if your request is not honored.

Refunds WILL NOT be given for rainouts. Games are scheduled so each field is used at full capacity and for each team to be scheduled the number of games safe to play each week. It is not always possible to work a rainout back into the schedule based on field availability and team availability.

RABA Rainout Policy

Monday - Friday the City of Ralston will determine by 3:00 PM if a field is playable and will notify RABA board of their decision. The city has the final decision on field status Monday - Friday.

Saturday and Sunday members of RABA will determine if fields are playable and if pending weather conditions suggest play is safe. If fields are not playable in the morning, we invite all coaches/volunteers/parents, to come help work the field to make the field playable.

Should a field be unplayable early in the day, the games will be canceled one at a time until the field is playable. We will not use the delay method in this league. Delays cause hardships down the line.

Refunds will not be given due to weather cancelations. We hope the weather allows for maximum playing conditions throughout the season. See refund policy.