RABA General Rules

Printable PDF File For:    General Rules.pdf

  1. Review Parents and Coaches Handbook for 2013 prior to reviewing these General Rules. Share these rules with players and parents.

  2. Sportsmanship shall be the #1 priority for coaches, players, and parents.

  3. All players in Mustang and above are required to wear an athletic protector (cup). (Preferred for Yearling)

  4. Teams will be set by a draft.

  5. Coaches are encouraged to instruct parents and players to be positive to both teams. (It is ok to stress to parents not to coach from the stands as this is a safety issue. If the child is watching for instruction from a parent, they are not listening to their coach and injuries could occur.)

  6. Players shall be encouraged to hustle on and off the field at all times.

  7. Please do not allow the batters to stand outside the dugout, in the dugout entrance, and please do not allow the players to climb the dugout fence at any time.

  8. Coaches shall provide their batting order to the other coach at least 10 minutes before the game starts. Shetland League does not need to provide batting orders.

  9. Coaches are in charge of keeping scores updated for accuracy. Umpires are not responsible for score. Umpires are responsible for time limit, calling outs and decisions on runners advancing, plays made, and scoring. (You may have a volunteer help to keep track of your scorebook.)

  10. There are no protests. Umpire�s rulings are final.

  11. Team scores and records shall be kept and communicated to commissioners by Sunday evening of that week or sooner. Shetland League does not keep score so no reporting is necessary.

  12. No player, coach or parent at any time, throw equipment or use inappropriate language.

    • a. First offense is a verbal warning.

      b. Second offense is automatic ejection from the game.

      c. Third offense will result in suspension, along with a meeting with the Board of Directors.

  13. Bronco and Pony leagues will play one "California Rules" inning if scored is tied at the end of regulation time during regular season. All other leagues will end games in a tie if score is tied during regular season. During tournament time all leagues will use "California Rules" until a winner is declared. (See "California Rules" listed on website).