RABA Yearling Rules

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General Rules
  1. Sportsmanship shall be #1 priority for coaches, players, and parents.

  2. It is required that all players wear an athletic protector (cup).

  3. Teams will be set by a draft. Refer to draft rules on setting of teams.

  4. All coaches and parents helping on the field must be certified in concussion and heat illness training before working with players.

  5. Coaches are instructed to have parents and players to be positive to both teams. (It is ok to stress to parents not to coach from the fence or stands as this is a safety issue. If the child is watching for instruction from a parent, they are not listening to their coach and injuries could occur.) Please refer to RABA Code of Conduct for additional information.

  6. Players shall be encouraged to hustle on and off the field at all times.

  7. Coaches shall provide batting order only to the other coach at least 10 minutes before the game starts. The batting order will remain the same throughout the entire game.

  8. Prior to all games, the umpire and both head coaches will conduct a coin flip to determine which team is home and which team is visitor during regular season scheduled games.

  9. Players are prohibited from standing outside the dugout or in the doorway unless they have a helmet on. Players are prohibited from climbing or kicking the dugout fence at any time.

  10. Each team shall keep a score book. Umpires are not responsible for knowing the score. Umpires are responsible for time limit, calling outs and decisions on runners advancing and scoring. (You may have a volunteer to keep track of your scorebook.) Those keeping the books are encouraged to check with opposing team�s book at the end of half innings. Home team book is official.

  11. There are no protests. Umpire�s rulings are final. Only the head coach can request the umpire to explain a call.

  12. No player, coach or parent at any time throw equipment or use inappropriate language.

    1. a. First offense is a verbal warning.

      b. Second offense is automatic ejection from the game.

      c. Third offense will result in suspension, along with a meeting with the Board of Directors.

  13. California Rule extra innings will be played in the tournament only as needed.

  14. All games will be pursuant to all USSSA rules.

  15. The Base path will be 60'.

  16. The pitching distance is 40�. Coaches can come as close as 35� for batters in need.

  17. All bats must be approved with USA or USSSA stamp.

  18. Games are a maximum of 6 innings or 60 minutes, whichever comes first. The umpire will start a timer after coaches meeting. Umpire has official game time. As soon as the timer is up, the game shall be over at that exact moment and at that exact score. The inning will not be finished. The umpire will announce last batter when the time expires to conclude the game after the batter has completed at bat. Refer to tournament rules for game time rules.

  19. Weather cancellations during a game, will be rescheduled when possible. During the regular season, games will be official after 3 complete innings or the home team is up and batting is not needed to win. Tournament weather related rules will be sent prior to the start of the tournament.

  20. There is no run rule at this age. See rule 2 for inning run restrictions.

  21. Use the player substitution rule on website as needed. All coaches will assist a team with players as needed.

Offensive Play
  1. Each team will allow all players to bat every game.

  2. Each � inning will consist of 3 outs, batting line up (bat the larger team's number) or 5 runs.

  3. One on-deck batter at a time and the player must wear a helmet. Coaches shall assist on deck-batters to be ready with helmet on.

  4. The offensive coach shall pitch from the rubber set at 40� and no closer than 35�, either standing or kneeling. The coach shall pitch overhand only. There are no walks. A maximum of 8 pitches will be pitched. The pitching coach shall instruct his player from the mound by telling the batter how many pitches he has left and how many swings he has left. If the batter does not hit by the 8th pitch, an out will be recorded. A player can stay alive at bat by foul tipping off until either a 3rd strike happens or a hit allowing batter to advance towards 1st base.

  5. Batters are not allowed to bunt in yearling league.

  6. The adult pitcher shall avoid interfering with play and use their best effort to move out of the way of defensive players. The ball is dead if the ball hits the adult pitcher, and all players will return to the bases that they were at prior to the play and the ball will be counted as a foul ball. The batter will return to the batter box at the previous same ball count prior to the hit in the event the ball hits the adult pitching coach. Adult pitchers shall not instruct base runners and shall remain quiet during play.

  7. Base coaches are solely responsible to instruct players on the basepaths.

  8. *NEW RULE* Runners can advance to bases at their own risk of being tagged out except home. Home plate is closed until and players can only advance home on a RBI. After Memorial Day break, home plate is open unless the score has a run difference of 10 runs. Home plate can open and close during the game should a team close the 10 run gap.

  9. *NEW RULE* A primary lead off is allowed. RABA defines the primary lead off to be a few steps off the bag. Runner is not allowed to advance to next base until ball is hit into play. This rule is set to start teaching fundamentals of baseball. Coaches shall instruct their players to tag up between pitches.

  10. *UPDATED RULE* Upon a hit into the outfield grass, the ball will be considered LIVE and runners are allowed to advance at their own discretion.

  11. Runners can advance until the ball is secured by the pitcher's helper and the play is considered over.

  12. *NEW RULE* Starting return from Memorial Day break, players will pitch to each other. Defense will send a pitcher who will be guided by the adult offensive pitcher and only allowed to pitch 5 pitches. If no hit occurs in the 5 pitches, the ball count remains the same and the adult pitcher has 3 pitches to get the batter on base. (We will not kid pitch during tournament time)

Fielding Rules
  1. Up to 10 players shall play in the field with a 'pitcher�s helper' that must wear a helmet with a cage. 4 outfielders are permitted at this age.

  2. There is no infield fly rule.

  3. *NEW RULE* Each team on defense shall shag the balls and develop the catcher. The adult shall instruct the catcher on proper technique at this age and encourage making plays as home plate will be open. The catcher for the next inning shall be prepared as soon as possible with coaches help. As soon as the catcher comes in from batting, he shall start gearing up for the position.

  4. *UPDATED RULE* All hits to the outfield are live until the ball is secured by the pitchers helper the play is over. Coaches are encouraged to teach players to hold the ball and avoid the over throws starting at this age.

  5. 2 Coaches/parent helpers are allowed in the outfield to help with communication of players while on defense.

Substitution Rule
  1. This rule is on the website and is for all age groups in RABA.